Socrates: The Philosophy in Fashion

Socrates: The Philosophy in Fashion

Think for a moment about how a discussion with Socrates about fashion, sustainability and new technology textiles would have happened today. What would he have said or thought if he were to be alive? Using our creativity, we brought this great conversation to life and discovered the questions this great philosopher might have asked in a Socratic dialogue with us.


Socrates: Recently, while sitting in this gorgeous Greek city with its stunning ocean that I can barely recognize right now, I learned that a new fashion brand called Liani Wisdom is on the market? Is this true ?

As always, you are very well informed. Liani Wisdom is a new fashion brand that started in 2020 in the midst of the Covid Pandemic and aims to revolutionize fashion by proposing a profound and philosophical look at it. Liani Wisdom through its aesthetic and purpose is all about elevating

loungewear to an entirely new level where sustainability meets design, comfort meets luxury, and versatility meets the knowledge of all times.

Socrates: It makes sense, designing luxurious versatile and comfortable loungewear might be enticing for many to use. Does the brand really have a collection named Socrates? May I ask why?

Your philosophy of wisdom called "Socratic Wisdom" was the inspiration for this collection.

Socrates: How come?

Well, you asserted that we are only as wise as we are aware of our ignorance. So, this collection is an opportunity for us to reflect upon our limited knowledge of the world and how vast knowledge truly is.

Socrates: So, What does my name have to do with fashion?

Well Socrates, your name is highly associated with knowledge and wisdom. LW Socrates Collection celebrates that knowledge by using new technologies in fabrics with the latest cutting edge features and exciting properties. Using these new textiles make us realize how little one really knows about the world and how much is yet to be understood. So , you helped us in a way to reflect upon the evolution of fashion and about how much knowledge there is and how many more materials are yet to be discovered.

Socrates: Now, I'm curious, which materials are we then talking about?

The material used in the Socrates Collection is Natural Bamboo Terry Toweling with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®,which is one of the world's best-known labels for distinguishing textiles that have been thoroughly tested for harmful substances. The label stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

Socrates: Keep going I’m thrilled…

Sustainable textiles such as bamboo should be included in an eco-friendly closet. Bamboo grows quickly, requires very little water, fertilizer, or pesticides and sequesters a large amount of carbon dioxide, which absorbs five times more than other plants. It re-grows from the roots of the plant, eliminating the need to replant every year.

When wet, the fabric dries quickly, so it can cool you down or heat you up depending on the weather, making it so versatile that you could use it on different seasons and on many occasions.

Socrates: I am so intrigued, are you producing for men or for women?

Just women.

Socrates: I think you should include men. I would like to dress with this type of fabric as well.

Well, saying so, We might think about it as well.

Socrates: I am loving this conversation! , continue talking about new technologies in materials for sustainable fashion and to learn more from these new advances that LW is implementing for its brand.

We are loving the conversation too. The pleasure is all ours! We are sure that the audience here will also want to continue dialoguing with us and learning how to take better care of bamboo cotton terry garments in order to prolong their life.

Socrates: Well, I want to learn too, I am ignorant, you know… Do you think It is possible that Liani comes by to continue further discussing our dialogues. I can invite her, an authentic old Greek coffee.

Surely, she will be thrilled! She loves coffee!

Stay tuned for our next articles in: Dialoguing with a Brilliant Mind about New Fabrics in Fashion.

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