Since we were little we always dreamed about what life would be like as teenagers and eventually adults. As humans we always think about the future regardless of age. In time, opinions, goals, perspective and taste changes depending on the different kinds of experiences we have.

Life is a beautiful and challenging journey, assertive decision making is the key to riding the wave of life smoothly, meaning for example staying calm whenever you have a problem.

Most people are constantly moving towards their own  goals, and trying to achieve their best version year by year.

The start of a New Year is definitely  a great opportunity for many to set new goals and commit to better habits.

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthy, start or improve a fitness routine or even finances, and make more time for hobbies and for loved ones. Basically, we seek the balance between work and personal life, thus it’s important to enjoy, relax and if you can travel as much as you can.

This new upcoming year we encourage you to make a list of your goals. It can be long term or short term it doesn’t matter. This exercise will help you to stay focused, the idea is to be able to create in your mind a positive view of the future, and motivate action.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to get distracted from your goals due to our daily routine and a busy agenda. So, we give you here some tips to achieve them:

  1. Write down your goals on paper, computer and on your phone, basically everywhere!  If you have them written on paper keep them inside your wallet, outside your refrigerator or everywhere you can actually see them.
  2. Focus on one goal at a time, prioritize! it’s better to give 100% to just one.
  3. Split the major resolution into smaller goals, keep it simple at first so you don't overwhelm yourself.
  4. Set a schedule, select your goal and write down all the actions you need to take to achieve that goal. It can be daily, monthly etc.

Last but not least, stay focused and true to your beliefs! Remember that you are the author of your life, create the most exciting and fulfilling story.

Sometimes life is going to get hectic, try to motivate yourself day by day, just take a look at your New Year’s resolution list and move forward.

So, after reading this , what is your main resolution for this year? For us at Liani Wisdom, is that  through our designs and advice we make you happy  and help you appreciate life to the fullest!

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