Does sustainable leather exist?

Does sustainable leather exist?

We’ll explain about the Working Leather Group and how important it is that this non-profit organization exists.


If you are looking for eco-friendly garments or accessories consider the LWG which certifies leather goods that are promoted as sustainable.

The LWG focuses on the environmental impact caused by leather manufacturing. To achieve this certification manufacturers must have implemented programs for energy use and wastewater.

The medal certifications awarded are gold, silver and bronze. These have been set based on best practices. In order to earn a medal you have to reach a score.

  1. To earn a Gold medal classification which is the highest LWG rating the manufacturer needs to receive at least a score of 85.
  2. To earn a Silver medal classification the manufacturer needs to receive at least a score of 75.
  3. To earn a Bronze medal classification the manufacturer needs to receive at least a score of 65.


Liani Wisdom is a sustainable brand and as such produces our Da Vinci 100% natural leather shoes as part of our collection Liani by Liani Wisdom with leather certified by The Leather Working Group.

We are proud and honored to have used the Gold medal leather standard for our sophisticated shoes. It is more expensive but worthwhile once we think about the world as a better place for humanity. We seek to continue in that line of excellence.

The Leather Working Group was first created in 2005 as a collaborative initiative between footwear, apparel and upholstery brands and leather manufacturers.

It’s important to note that the Leather Working Group has published its Traceability Roadmap, which sets activities to be deforestation-free by 2030.  Traceability sets transparency and understanding of how the supply chain works in order to reduce carbon emissions so that the leather is a sustainable material with products that are made to last.



At Liani Wisdom we encourage every effort made towards the betterment of the environment and welfare of animals even when leather is involved.

It is important to consider that vegan shoes are synthetic or plant based materials and as such they last much less than regular leather shoes Vegan leather is thinner and can therefore easily wear out. It is not as durable and breathable as traditional leather but it does not involve any animal killing, so you must analyze the reasons that are most important to you when buying a pair of shoes.

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