Our Words Of Wisdom

Our Words Of Wisdom

At first it might seem strange to think that there could be a relationship between the acquisition of clothing and wisdom. When one thinks of wisdom, who better to learn it from than through the ancient Greek philosophers, those snowy-bearded men in togas who had a complicated pursuit of enlightenment. On the other hand, when we think about fashion, some might relate it to a frivolous, superficial, materialistic way of thinking. So where is the connection? 

Owl in library placed next to famous Aristotle quote; "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

Wisdom as the ancient philosophers define it, is a virtue that has practical applications in real life, in that way we are joining the knowledge of these  philosophers, writers and brilliant minds through their quotes found in our linings and displayed in a sophisticated way on our loungewear garments.

These words of wisdom are inspirational quotes and thoughts on optimism, success, overcoming failure, persistence, and resilience. These reflections will comfort, inspire, and motivate you daily each time that you choose to dress yourself with a LW piece. 

Our inspirational quotes, that are attached to our revolutionary loungewear, are helpful to anyone looking to get inspired through words that are as powerful as they are meaningful. These quotes also inspire the design concept of each of our collections. It Is through wisdom that we share not only our knowledge but also the one  of many great thinkers that play a significant role in helping us realize the full potential that is within us. 

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