What Emotions Do Colors Make You Feel?

What Emotions Do Colors Make You Feel?

What colors do you find most appealing? The first step to understanding color tone is to understand "warm" versus "cool" and "muted" versus "vibrant" tones. 

Cool colors, such as green and blue, can help to promote relaxation. You may also find that reds, oranges, and yellows or "warm" colors lift your spirit. Separating these colors into different shades gives them a unique meaning. Light or muted tones tend to invite a softer posture, while bolder colors might make the environment or you seem more energetic.

Colorful Painting silhouette.

See what emotions each color evokes in you when you look at your wardrobe. As a starting point, here's a cheat sheet:

Love, passion, warmth, dynamism and courage.

Red is the perfect color for feeling fearless or bold. This color can make you stand out in the crowd (or on a Zoom call!), and it can help you make a profound impression on a first date. When you want to fight for a cause you're passionate about, a red uniform can be a great choice.

Enthusiasm, striking, happiness, and energy 

Is the perfect color to make you feel like an extrovert, like a social butterfly. Orange is a bold color that not everyone can handle. Many suggest wearing the color when exercising or participating in group physical activities. 

Optimism, joy, energy, fun, and spontaneity

Yellow is a color you should wear when you're feeling joyful. We often associate this bright shade with spring and summer, since it's hard to be sad in the presence of this vibrant hue. This color is perfect for when you need a little lift!

Youth, natural, hope, and refreshing 

When you need a feeling of grounding or renewal, wear green. When it comes to meeting new people, this can be a very approachable color. Additionally, the shade is perfect for starting a new project or beginning a new chapter in life.

Harmony, intelligence, stability, productivity, and calmness 

Wear blue to show confidence. Because of its ability to ease anxieties, it makes a great color for work presentations. Moreover, blue is a comforting color during stressful times.

Wealth, royalty, faith, mystery, and imagination

If you want to feel special or unique, wear purple. Your personality will shine through this color. This color will make you stand out. This is a color associated with spirituality. Reason why it is Lianí’s Wisdom signature color. 

Romance, kindness, calmness, and nurturing 

Wear pink to connect with others. The longer it's interacted with, the more depth it offers. It's a color that's both fresh and playful. When you want to celebrate with loved ones or commemorate special romantic occasions, don't forget to pull out your pink wardrobe. 

Nature, isolation, security, and strength 
You should wear brown when you need to slow down or be still. Colors such as this are perfect for a relaxing night in or a weekend afternoon. It's also the perfect color if you want to immerse yourself in nature rather than stand out. In addition to using brown as a base color, you can use it to make bold colors pop. There are also tones of brown that will not wash you out, in our loungewear pieces we seek to use those. 

The color fuchsia emphasizes assertiveness, confidence, and warmth. It has a remarkable effect when paired with black or white, and can also be used in any situation where playful, fun femininity is desired.

Elegance, power,  and conservative

Feel subtly strong by wearing black. In spite of its lack of assertiveness, black can intimidate others easily. You can use this color in professional settings where you want to be taken seriously or perceived as someone with authority.  

Peacefulness, cleanliness, innocence, and lightness

To feel uplifted, wear white. When you're starting a new endeavor or wanting to feel like you're starting fresh, wearing white is the perfect color to wear. It is also a good color for conciliations or negotiations when you want to convey truthfulness and righteousness.

In addition to communication and arousing emotion, color is one of the ways we identify ourselves. We signal our identity to the world by the color of our clothing. Dressing up each morning is telling ourselves who we want to be, how we want to feel, and color does play a huge role in this.

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