Liani Wisdom through its program "Wisdom's For Charity Fundraising" shares a percentage of the sales of its products to different Peruvian associations or foundations, according to the customer's choice.


The OLI Foundation is a solidarity platform that connects help with need, seeking to build a country with equal opportunities. It is a solidarity aid platform whose objective is to help generate opportunities for improvement in the areas of health, education and culture. Its actions are materialized through three annual humanitarian aid campaigns: "Al Cole Con Todo", "Contra el Frío por los Nuestros" and "Navidad Solidaria", promoting solidarity with sustainability.



La Fundación Niños del Arco Iris is a 22 year old non-profit organization that provides education, health and nutrition to children in vulnerable situations in Urubamba, Cusco.Its mission is to promote a comprehensive system of quality education for the extremely poor inhabitants of the Sacred Valley.

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They provide love, care and education to children from Peru’s poorestcommunities. 90% of the children supported by the Sol y LunaFoundation comes from backgrounds of extreme poverty.The foundation consists of the Sol y Luna School, Paqari for special needs support, the Sol y Luna Home, and Roots & Wings for further education.

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Casa Khuyana is a non-profit civil association that operates the first pediatric hospice in Peru and the third in Latin America. It functions as a home where pediatric palliative care and medical, emotional, social and spiritual accompaniment is provided to children with terminal medical diagnoses and their families.

The mission of Casa Khuyana is to provide loving care, integral attention and personalized well-being to all children who receive a terminal medical diagnosis, promoting pediatric palliative care as their fundamental right.

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CONIN is an organization that carries out a comprehensive approach to the problem: it cares for the sick child but also for their family environment and setting. Its mission is to prevent child malnutrition, making a significant impact on children and families in Pamplona, ​​San Juan de Miraflores (Lima-Peru).

The CONIN Foundation has five programs:
• Center for Child Malnutrition Prevention.
• Strengthening the link: Teenage mothers with their babies.
• Mercy Center - Weekly soup for the elderly.
• House construction for the homeless.
• Pamplona College.

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