The Science Of Being Happy

The Science Of Being Happy

We can all agree that happiness is a key pursuit of human mankind. Following the 20 of March “Day of Happiness” at Liani Wisdom have considered March as the month of Happiness. It aims to celebrate happiness all over the world, inspiring people to spread positivity to  others and encouraging each nation to prioritize the happiness of its citizens.

There has  been endless philosophizing and discussion about happiness.But how can you define it ? Is it measurable? Can we be happier? Is it elusive? 

"Time to be happy" written in the sand at the beach

Happiness can be a difficult concept to define, but broadly it covers two key areas – how we feel at  the present moment and how satisfied we are in our lives overall. Happiness can therefore range from a sudden rush of intense emotion such as joy or euphoria to a much calmer and steadier sense of contentment. 

Happiness is a choice but don’t expect it to be a constant emotion, advises expert  Harvard professor of happiness  Dr Tal Ben-Shahar. He taught two  of the most attended classes  in Harvard University’s history were he shared insights on the true meaning of happiness. 

According to the professor, happiness comprises three variable factors:

Happiness in terms of a percentage.
According to study by Lykken and Tellegen published on 1996 about the  correlation of levels of well-being in samples of identical and non-identical twins either raised together or apart found that close to 50% of the amount of happiness we can achieve is genetic, 10% due to external circumstances and 40% the result of our own choices or actions. We however in our 40% can make choices leading to increased happiness such as exercising regularly, being grateful, and meditating.

Give yourself permission to be…
An important part of finding happiness according to Ben- Shahar is accepting and processing all emotions, even the negative ones. When we reject negative emotions, they intensify. But if we allow ourselves to feel and process the emotion, it dissipates. Legitimizing your emotions doesn’t mean resigning yourself to being in pain. It’s about accepting them for what they are and making choices accordingly.

The importance of actions.
In addition to Ben-Shahar's happiness pillars, there are a few others that can increase your levels of happiness. We talked about how simple things contribute to the 40% including regular exercise (even if only three 30-minute sessions a week), but investing in meaningful relationships, being mindful of the task at hand and appreciating the good things in life are also solid pillars for improving happiness.

We found it fitting then that the  launch of our LW ‘s new website will be in March 2022 during what  we consider the “Happiness Month’’ since we strive to achieve happiness everyday and not on special occasions only.  Liani Wisdom is a brand  where the appreciation of the world we live in is key to the achievement of happiness  where information is shared to make better decisions, and where our designs and loungewear collections  can inspire you to focus on the positive emotions that accompany us in our path to happiness.

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